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    Wonderful content in xinhonghua


    鑫宏華是集“機械”、“工貿”、“科技” 、“輕鋼”于一體的創新型企業。工廠位于漳州九龍大道,占地面積達50000平方米。

    Founded in 2004, Xiamen Xinhonghua Machinery co., LTD. is a famous manufacturer of light gauge steel framing machine in China, which has been highly recognized and well received in the industry. In 2006, the company began to dabble in the field of light steel house framing machine, and we successfully developed and manufactured products based on the North American system. On the basis of the technology, we developed and manufactured the post punching & post-cutting C89 Australian system equipment with high precision and high precision in 2014.

    Our company as the domestic first foray into metal plate cold rolled (cold bending/roller roller) forming complete sets of equipment manufacturing production team, is set research and development, production, installation, commissioning, training of professional enterprise. Experience more than ten years of reform and innovation, with excellent R&D team, advanced production technology and modern management idea, perfect service system, the company has become the worlds one of the powerful competitors.


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